Grasshopper Hops Away

“All right, team. As of now, I’m leader while Brass Eagle is…momentarily handicapped,” Mug said, voice crackling through the rain.

“Why you?” It was Grasshopper speaking.

The rest of the team looked at Mug, eyes open to see what he would do. Even Anonymous (the stealth of the team who next to never spoke) raised his eyebrows.

“Because that’s exactly what Eagle said. I’m the leader whenever he’s gone.”

Grasshopper rolled his eyes. “Okay, okay, macho. Sheesh.”

“What’s with the ‘tude, man?” Finn asked. His eyebrows slanted.

“I thought joining this team would actually get me some excitement, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well, some types of excitement you don’t wanna get. Like meeting the Caretaker,” Mug said quietly.

“There you go off about the Caretaker again! Who the heck is he, anyway?” Grasshopper yelled. “It seems I’m not gonna get any straight answers outta any of ya. Fine. I can probably make it a lot easier without you guys.”

He faded into the rain. No one went after him.

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