I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and I saw sadness. “Ty wait . . .” I whispered.
“It’s okay Linz. I know who your dude is and I’m okay with that.” He replied and started walking away.
“Ty! I want you to be my dude!” I yelled after him. He kept walking and I was on the brink of tears.
“Hey Linz, meet me in the bedroom?” Teddy asked. That’s when I remembered what happened earlier.
“No Teddy! What the hecks your problem? I don’t like you and you may have just ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me!” I screamed at Teddy. “Teddy why don’t you just take your drunken ass home!” I shouted. “Teddy I don’t like you, I never will like you, and I barely like you enough to be friends! Go home!” I ran into the house, slammed the door and just started sobbing. My life was ruined for good now. I like Ty and Teddy ruins it. He doesn’t like me, he never liked me right?

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