Not Your Typical Girl: Complete Fools

The final bell rang and all the kids jumped out of there seats in a hurry to go talk to their friends. Eva took her time putting her books away because she didn’t really care about meeting up with friends. Sure she had them. Everyday she got hugs and people telling her they loved her. Everyone loved telling her their deep, dark secrets because she always had the best advice and she made everyone feel like they knew her. What fools though, Eva never let anyone in that close to her. She preferred to keep people at enough of a distance that she could easily dispose of them when she felt like they knew too much. She never told any one person all of her secrets. Maybe she feared rejection or being broken, Eva wasn’t even sure of why she acted this way. All she knew was that sometimes she wished she could trust one person enough to give up all her secrets to them. As she walked to the door Adam met up with her.
“Hey” he said.
“Hi” said Eva with hardly a glance at him.

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