Wet Dreams

He hands became sweaty and he felt his anxiety begin to rise. Emlio wasn’t accostumed to doing things like this all of this was strange and yet fascinating to him. He took a deep breath and jumped into the serene eternally blue water. The shock of the cold water sent a spine tingling regret throughout his back. His body was cold and became rigid he could barely move his fingers let alone the rest of his body, but oddly enough his eyes were wide open. Light shimmered though this azure wonderland leaving him in disbelief.
Now what ? Emlio pondered to himself. It was at that moment he saw her. Her form swam through the water like a bird flying through the air. He could not peel his eyes off of her, it was like watching something from a fairy tale come to life. She was a mermaid. Swimming she found herself right in front of his face, her eyes emerald gems. Smiling she lifted a finger and poked him in the head.

Thats when the alarm went off and Emlio was brought back to reality … it was time for work.

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