First Encounter

She walks down the hall, confidence lingering in her beautiful hazel eyes. Everybody waves to her as she walks by, and she stops to give hugs to at least half of them, for they were all once close friends at one time or another. Behind her, her own clique follows close behind, each one of them talking to her, or to each other.

Everybody seems to be talking at once. But then Tyler comes within eyesight.

The halls become deathly silent. They lock eyes and everything plays in slow motion.

He smiles.

She giggles, and smiles right back at him.

As they’re passing, each of them slowly and then abrubtly become out of eyesight. She turns around to her clique and her girls all start squealing, sending her halfway to being deaf. But she’s used to it. She and her clique hold hands and jump up and down as if they had rehearsed it regularly.

Mr. and Mrs. Popular have officially had their first encounter.

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