Phone Call From Evil

Answer the phone? Why should I? I know its him. The conversation will be the same as the last. It always starts the same.Are you feeling ok today? As if he really cared. I always reply the same. Fine, Even when I’m not. Then the whining starts why doesn’t she love me? I’ve done everything for her. Everything she asked.My thoughts try growing up.My reply I don’t know. She needs to tell me to my face she doesn’t love me. She told you the last visit she didn’t want to see you. Didn’t she refuse this weeks visit.The whining continues. Well she not getting her stuff back he says angerly. Isn’t that something a little boy would say when things don’t go his way. She’s not playing fair so I don’t want to play anymore. She doesn’t love you walk away. I can get her released early into my custody. I’ll pick her up she has to spend the day with me. If she still wants to leave I’ll take her and her stuff anywhere she wants to go. No. She’s not going anywhere alone with you. You manipulated enough people to get your way.

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