Brass Eagle and the Escape From the Notorious Furry Bond Fanatic

Dr. Oblivion opened a door in front of Brass Eagle. “Step inside,” he crooned in his best Bond-villain voice. Brass Eagle raised his eyebrows and walked through the threshold.

He surveyed the area in front of him and gasped.

Dr. Oblivion smiled at his reaction. Brass Eagle, seeing this, turned his head, eyebrows raised again. “Well, this obviously wasn’t you. Frankly, you’re a moron. Not to mention a munchkin.”

The furry doctor ground his teeth. “I would shut up if I were you. I’m about to put you through a series of very, very painful tests.”

“Oh, gonna put me in a cage filled with your own species of ferocious Care Bear? Actually, that wouldn’t be too painful. More like getting hugged to death.”

Knowing full well what would happen, Brass Eagle said, “Do you expect me to talk?”

Oblivion looked like he was in pain. “NoMr.BondIexpectyoutod—!” He blurted all in one word, but was cut short when Eagle jabbed him in the neck.

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