A "Wasted" Night

There was an awkward silence as the two of them waited for the other to say something. Dani had thought everything was fine with them. She walked over closer to Jeremy and she could smell the alcohol on him. He was wasted.
“Dani, do you even know what you put me through!?!!” He shouted.
Dani was so startled that she tumbled backwards and had to catch herself on the bed post.
“You didn’t just dump me, but you said you never even liked me?!!? I really liked you!!!”
“I’m r-r-really sorry, I really really am, I t-thought you were cool about all of this t-though.” Dani stuttered.
“Of course I’m not cool with this!!! How stupid are you?!!? You crushed me!!”
Dani couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“No matters, I’ll have my way with you.”
“Stop Jer, your drunk!”
But Jeremy had already put his hands around her waist and aggressively pushed her towards the bed.
“Stop!! Stop!!”
The last thing Dani saw before she completely fell apart was Logan bursting through the door, punching Jeremy.

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