Return of the Brass Eagle

Mug sat up, suddenly alert. Something was moving just beyond the outer foliage of the rainforest. He nudged Finn and Anonymous awake. “Someone’s here,” he whispered. Finn rubbed his slanted eyes blearily and stretched.

Mug clapped his hand over Finn’s mouth, actually covering Finn’s face. Mug’s hands were big.

Suddenly, the noise stopped. The team was silent.

“Mug? Is that you?”

“Eagle!” yelled Mug when Brass Eagle stepped out of the forest. “I was beginning to think the Caretaker had…” Mug trailed off, unable to finish.

“If he had, I wouldn’t be here this soon. Anyway, I’ve got something to tell y—wait. Where’s Grasshopper?”

The team stayed silent. Mug looked up. “He…left.”

“What do you mean he left! What’s happened to him?”

“He said he needed to go off on his own,” Finn said.

“What? And you didn’t go after him?” Brass Eagle sighed. “Fine, I’ll have to. You stay here.”

“Wait! What were you going to tell us?” But Eagle had already left.

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