Seven months back my little girl was incarcerated for theft of her own home.Yes it can happen if you break up and are locked out and he want let you have your things. If you break in it’s breaking and entering, whatever you remove is theft. She ran and stayed low for quite a while.Moved in with a nice guy but he had a little time to do as well. While he was away she got in with a bad group.Got tied to a guy who later became her drug dealer. The deeper she got into a life of crime and drugs, the more head games he play on her.Had her convinced he loved her. Obsessed with,controlling, manipulating her every move and thought.Finally she was picked up and sentenced to nine months in state jail. This was a good thing.Seven months clean now she can see daylight for what it is daylight. The obsessed jerk for what he is.The problem is she’s married to him. He now holds all her worldly possessions.Once again the very reason she’s locked up in the first place. The nice guy wants her back now that’s she clean.The irony.

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