Deadly Wednesday

“My wonderful and faithful audience, be still as what you are about to see may astound and amaze you. It may disturb, even distress you,” Burtininkas crooned, voice echoing off the audience.

Wednesday Thomas’s red mouth curled as she glided over the stage to Burtininkas, perfect hands on perfect hips. A few men in the audience whistled. She only smirked the wider.

“My assistant, Ms. Thomas, if you will be so kind?”

Wednesday smiled to herself as she wheeled out a tall box, painted gold. Burtininkas frowned. This was not part of the performance.

“And now,” Wednesday sighed, “The Magnificent Burtininkas will simply…survive!” She whipped the door to the box open in one fell swipe. The magician looked at her in a frustrated way, but she pretended not to notice.

He glared and stepped into the box. The show must go on, he thought.

Wednesday Thomas slammed the door shut. “And now…” she said, picking up a wicked saber. She thrust it viciously through the box.

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