Yes, Child. I Love You.

“Mama, do you know what Tommy told me today?” she asked, looking heartbroken.
“What did Tommy tell you today?” she asked, juggling dinner and the phone and her daughter all at once.
“He said…he said you couldn’t love me as much as his parents do because you’re not my real mommy!” she blurted, tears dripping from her huge blue eyes.
Mommy sighed, hung up the phone, put down the pots and pans, and wiped the tears from her adoptee’s eyes with gentle hands.
“Do you like Tommy, Bella?” she asked quietly.
“No…but everyone else does,” sobbed Bella.
“Then why do you care what Tommy thinks?” she said, hints of a smile playing around the corners of her eyes.
“So…so you don’t love me as much as Tommy’s parents love him?” questioned Bella. Her innocence glowed like an aura around her.
“Oh, Bella,” sighed Mommy. “I love you more than Tommy and his parents can ever imagine. Do I love you? Yes, child. I love you.”

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