Thomas wants to be a Pirate

As Rupert left the frigate and headed toward the shipyard, he
bumped into a slight framed young man clad in a leather kilt
and feather hat. When the boy asked for Pirate Pete, Rupert
smiled and pointed to the semi-drunk captain. “Aye, that big
drunken sailor knows of him.â€? Rupert said. “What do they call
you, small fry?�

“My name is Thomas.â€? The boy said, looking over in Pirate Pete’s direction. “And I aim to be a pirate aboard that ship. I need to talk to him, please.â€?

“Aye, lad. So you are. So you are.â€? Rupert said smiling. He struck a match against his wooden leg for effect and puffed on his soapstone pipe, limping off toward the sutler of Skara Daele shaking his head. “You wouldn’t last a fortnight aboard the Lucky Lady,” Rupert muttered under his breath.

Thomas approached the frigate in the faint light of the pier lanterns. “Ahoy there, sir? Can you tell me where I might find Pirate Pete?â€? he asked. “That old man said that you knew him.â€?

“Why that cursed old sea dog.â€? Pirate Pete said laughing.

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