Do you ever feel ignored? Like…me? The only noticeable ones are the “Big Cheeses”? I can count them on my fingers and still have plenty of room left. They are beautiful, talented writers with beautiful, talented futures ahead of them. They always get five stars and glowing reviews of their dark, mysterious, comic, creative, entertaining, thought-provoking stories and poems. I’m a three-to-four-star gal still weaning myself off others’ writing styles. I feel so juvenile and…ignored. I feel sorry for all that poor grass that hasn’t bloomed yet…maybe it never will. But for now, let’s just admire the rose.
I’m terribly sorry to sound so depressed but…if I’m depressed, what else can I feel? How else can I convey how sad I am when I realize people still haven’t read my stories and sat up and said, “yeah, she’s an author in the womb.” Most still haven’t read my stories at all.
Ah, well…the receptionist field is calling, anyhow…

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