John Darling

Judas and Zooey ambled down the beaten path. “We have no place to lay our heads,” worried Judas.
“Relax,” Zooey assured her.
“And what will we eat?” Zooey stopped to look at her.
“If you didn’t want to come, you should have stayed with the king.”
“Oh, no, it’s not that! I just…” Judas turned to him tearfully. “What is to become of us?” Zooey refused to answer her. Insted, he silenced Judas. “I hear something in the distance.” They looked around with fear in their eyes.
“Zooey!” cried a voice. “Zooey, my brother!” A tall figure nearly knocked him down in an embrace.
“John Darling!” Zooey’s face brimmed with happiness. “Judas, it’s John Darling!”
“Er, hello,” she answered shyly.
“You are Judas?” John asked her.
“Yes. I am. You are John Darling.” Judas stated. Zooey kept looking from one to the other with a wide smile.

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