Untill next time

As we walked do to the platform; I didn’t want you to go. I wanted to spend more time with you. I wanted you to miss your train and talk to me that way we would always talk in Lock Haven, about what we felt and who had drama. I wanted to spend time with the one person that could understand where I was coming from and see what I see.

With the time winding down all I wanted to do was ask you to stay or to go with you, because I knew that it would be months before I would see your smiling face again.

The day and half that you were here was great but it wasn’t long enough not for me. We could never have enough time to talk about what we feel matters to us the most right now.

When we meet again we will have to stay awhile and take a load off because there is never enough time in the day for us to be together.

I can’t wait until next time.

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