Prologue To A Dream, Pt. 10

Oliver sat upright in bed when he realized just how many times he’d hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. He had a half hour to shower, get dressed, and get downtown to the band meeting. Yawning, he opened his blinds and stretched. Despite feeling tired, he had a positive feeling. Something just felt…hopeful.

He’d spent the three months since leaving Chelsea in the restaurant writing and keeping to himself. Now, it was time for the band’s biggest tour yet. They would be traveling across the world through 3 continents, and today’s meeting between the band, management, and the label was to discuss the itinerary.

When Oliver arrived in the lobby, the first person that he saw was Peter. Peter ran towards him and picked him up as if he were a rag doll. “Oll! Missed you these last few months! There’s someone here that you absolutely have to meet.” He carried Oliver into the conference room, where the rest of the band were already gathered. There was also a beautiful girl, chatting with Will.

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