That one Song

The song comes on the radio and your heart jumps. You turn it up and fall into fantasy.
Its one of those songs that makes you wish you were deeply in love.
It goes like this:
You’re at his concert, and you two meet.
He goes on tour, and dedicates the song to you.
Better yet, you’re on the beach, he plays the song and then BAM
“I love you,â€? he will say
“I love you too,â€? you would whisper
Roll the credits.
Cue the romantic song.
Perfection at its greatest.
Not only is he a rock star, the voice of your generation, and a humanitarian, but he is rich, cute, and every girls envy.
Maybe you hook your best friend up with one of his cute band mates. You guys could become the next Hannah Montana. You put on a wig when you’re out and BOOM , no one will know its you. Its crazy what a wig can do. You won’t be followed by paparazzi and you can go to school all while knowing your rock star boyfriend is craving for you.
It’s that 3 minute and 52 second song that makes you really hate going back to reality.

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