The world will end in 2015, and it will go something like this:

As your wife arrives home in the ‘it was so terribly expensive we had to take out a second mortgage to comply with environmental standards or face jail time’ redesigned Toyota Prius, carrying the part for the hydrogen/electric hybrid system ‘that keeps breaking every week because of poor design’, while sipping the Starbucks 100% half-caff latte coffee ‘that was harvested in a saved rain forest at the national expense of the education and drug enforcement budgets’, a moment of sheer panic will overtake humankind, for at 3:18 PM on May 27th, night will fall forever, and we will cease to exist.

The Kalarians on the other hand, who will be catching the interplanetary feed the next morning, will remark on how we really should have listened to that wheelchair-confined scientist who talked about colonizing other galaxies two decades prior. Translated into sixty eight trillion languages, the blurb will probably read like this:

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