Prologue To A Dream, Pt. 12

Dream blushed at the compliment, and pulled her curly hair over her face. Peter laughed. “You’re embarrassing her, Ollie. She acts like she’s never been told that she’s beautiful before. Why, just a minute before you came in here, Will was busy flirting with her.” Oliver suddenly remembered Will, and looked over in his direction. He waved, and Will waved back. “She’s a looker,” he mouthed at Oliver.

“Where’s Adam? Didn’t I just see him in here?” Oliver asked, scanning the room. “I saw him walk out a moment ago,” Dream said from behind her curtain of hair. Peter scoffed, and poked her in her side, causing her to jump away from him. “Watch out!” Oliver yelled as Dream’s heel twisted over and she began to fall. In a flash, Oliver was behind her. She landed in his arms, and he let out a sigh of relief.

Dream looked up into Oliver’s blue eyes. In that very moment Oliver knew that, whatever the consequences, he’d met his future wife.

Hope you enjoyed it! This story will continue from Dream’s perspective.

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