Taking Credit

Sanista composed himself. Human instinct took control. His need to know was overwhelming. He stared at the books something was different. Under the word Portent in gold leaf was a title”The Evil”. He touched the book a sharp pain hit his heart. He tossed it into the trash.Garbage! Glancing back to the second book intitled “The Good”. He pulled the book from the shelf and held it . A warm sensation ran through his body. The paper felt like velvet. As he read. The words leaped from the pages flowing in harmony. Like lyric’s of beautiful love song. A single tear ran down his cheek and splashed the page and disappeared. Truely brillant. The most incredible piece of work ever written. A masterpiece that bares my name as the author. Surely I can’t take credit for this or can I? Would this add another chapter to the first book? He removed the cover from his typewriter. His fingers trembled as he began to type the first page. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He reached for the desk drawer and pour himself a drink.

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