A Rumor Has It

By now the first 3 weeks of school had passed, and Dani had not spoken to Jeremy since the night of the party. But it was hard for her to be mad at him, after what she had done to him. She watched her fellow classmates roam the hall, waiting to see how her latest rumor about Blair was going. Ever since the first day of school, Dani had been pulling pranks, spreading rumors, and basically making Blair’s life a living Hell. Blair walked into the hall and people began to whisper and point. A huge grin formed on Dani’s face, another success!! She looked over at Blair to see the same face she had seen for the last 3 weeks. Not a face that looked angered, a face that said “I deserve it”. And now seeing that look on Blair’s face once again, seeing that she understood, that she really knew she deserved it, Dani saw for the first time the sadness and loneliness deep in Blair’s eyes. And right at the moment, no matter if Dani liked it or not, she knew that she had forgiven Blair.

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