Reality Part II: Some kind of hallucinogen?

She looked up to the sky, the colour melting and shifting in an ocean of creamy waves. The ground trembled and faded as a ripple disturbed it’s fragile surface. The monkey tried to hide, but she knew that it was there. But it didn’t unsettle her. She was determined to be indifferent. But suddenly, she felt an urge to move. The air around her was electrified by her desire, and the couch beside her passively moulded into a boat. It wasn’t really a boat, she knew that, but did something have to really exist? She didn’t really care.
The rippling ground liquified in one vast sweep, and the boat sailed on to the soulless sunset. With dusk behind her, she moved into the water. Or perhaps she became the water. The coolness and the molten shapes hazily shifted as water should. But the water shattered, and she found herself falling through the pliant emptiness that the sky had left her heart.

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