A Chance

The next morning I woke up with the worst head ache of my life. I thought of Teddy and Ty and . . . everything. I have concluded that my life, is indeed, horrible. As Brixley would say this is a dream, having two adorable boys fight over you but, I absoulutely hate it! It’s not a dream it’s a friggen nightmare. I heard the boys outside so I decided to go get some playing time in before Teddy got there. I got dressed, and walked outside.
“Hey guys.” I said when I walked into the yard.
“Hey Linz.” They said. All of them at the same time like it was rehearsed. Ty was there. He didn’t even look at me. I ruined it, big time. All of the sudden Timmy came running into the yard.
“Hey guys, let’s play capture the flag!!” He squealed. We all agreed so, a game of capture the flag was started. Perfect chance to talk to Ty. Oh God.

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