Used And Abused

The weekend was finally here and Dani could now try to figure everything out. By now it had almost been a whole week since the party and she had not really gotten a chance to talk about it with Logan, she knew she had to though, she didn’t want this to ruin Logan and Jeremy‚Äôs friendship, yes Jeremy had made a very VERY stupid mistake. But if Dani could forgive him, then Logan should be able to also. Then there was the whole Blair issue. She had stayed mad at Blair for an entire month, how was she supposed to go about forgiving her now??? Well she would start with Logan.

Dani and Logan sat down on the park bench as Dani tried to explain that he should forgive Jeremy.
“No, listen, what he did was wrong!!” Logan protested.
Dani knew that Logan didn’t know the whole story, but how could she tell him? But she had to; he needed to know, so she told him everything.
“You used him??!!??” Logan jumped up from the bench.
“I’m really sorry, please you don’t understand!!”
But Logan was already gone.

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