Sword and Chalice

Me and my two cousins, Michael and Jane, were visiting a museum on Riza Prime. Our tour guide, a native named Tiga, was telling us the story of two objects depicted on a stone tablet. “The Legend tells of two powerful objects, a sword and a chalice. The chalice brings complete unity, but the price for unity is the loss of self, and the sword destroys that unity and restores the self. These two objects were once held in the hands of the people, but they couldn’t handle the responsibility, and almost destroyed themselves in a great war. A small group of guardians was chosen to prevent the objects from falling into the wrong hands. The guardians took the objects to a place called the Heart of the Sister. Many people have tried to find it, most were never seen again.”
“Do you have any idea of what the Heart of the Sister is?” I asked.
Tiga grimaced and said, “No, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell anyone!”
“You can find that we are very persuasive.” Michael said. Tiga gasped as Jane pressed a phaser into her back.

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