Ultimate Love Song

But at some point you have a brief moment of clarity and realize that you have been reliving this moment your whole life. First it was with Elvis when you were in your teens and then with Paul, John George, and Ringo during the Sixties. Remember Michael Bolton? You had a stage where he was the object of your affection too.

Every new idol became your idol and every new superstar became your one true love. Every song about love was your song about love.

Was real life that bad? Was escape that fufiling? Maybe not, but you’ve got to admit that the boy bands from about a decade ago did fill a void.

And now you’re confined to this bed and that old guy with no hair on his head but plenty of it coming out of his ears wipes off your face with a cool cloth and with all the wear and tear of the years showing on his face he leans down and whispers in your ear, “You are the sunshine of my life…”.

And you finally realize that your life has been a love song and it is good.

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