Paula a Stephen King Fan

Steve sat at his desk in the basement, writing his colum, dead line an hour away. Honey is that you? I’ll be done in a minute. She stood behind him lifted the poker above her head, one swing he fell to the floor. Eyes looking up in disbelief, why? Blood dripped slowly from the point she just smiled. What? Oh I just need to get something from the freezer go back to work. Paula went back to her cooking. Dinners ready Steve. Good I’m starving, as he sat down in his chair. Aren’t you eating babe? In a minute.Steve loaded his plate. A few bites later.Hows your steak Steve.Good, good your a great cook. His head hit the plate food mashed out around his face. Babe babe what’s the matter? Nothing just watching you enjoy your steak. She cleared the dishes from the table and began to wash them. She could hear the water running in the shower above her. To bad he doesn’t slip an fall. Wonder how long it will take him to figure out I know? She finished the dishes, and waited for him to fall asleep.She creeped up the stairs

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