The Marriage

At the time of my daughters arrest. She used someone elses idenity only to find that the person had a warrent for their arrest. She quickly retracted that statement and went back to being herself. Fear of not knowing what their warrent was for.Which in turn she was arrested for giving factious information. One thing about being lock up is you have plenty of time to reflect.The other thing is limited knowledge of the outside world.No phone calls.Only one visit a week limited to two visitors and letters.During this time she was medicated for being bipolar.At this point was when he saw his chance to move in.He sent proxy papers to her and convinced her to sign them.It was easy in her state of mind at the time.Soon the medication leveled out and she had realized she was married to him panic set in.Mom she asked what do I do? I can’t go home with my dealer. Shortly there after he calls me to gloat.(see my mind games work) did she tell you we are married? They may work just not on me.Every thing you do is for you.

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