A Close One

He suddenly jumped, as if goosed. That’s when he realized his fist had closed around the helpless life in his palm. It was struggling in there. Panicing. Trying to break free. For just a moment, his fist squeezed ever tighter.
His hand shot open as if burned. The good side had won another one! For the time being.
He leaned down and released the tiny bunny back into its natural habitat. Well, as natural as you could get in suburbia. He stood up slowly, thinking how close it had come this time. Furtively, he glanced around to make sure no one had seen him come close to taking a life. People were not too keen on that type of thing. The pitchforks and torches would come out. They would lynch him for sure. Especially in suburbia and even if it was a rabbit.
He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked towards his apartment door.
“Hi!” His head turned slowly and his eyes came to rest on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

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