Brass Eagle and the Search For Grasshopper

Brass Eagle stumbled through the dripping greenery, hacking through the dense brush. He grunted, brow furrowed. Stupid, stupid Grasshopper. Stupid Mug. Stupid Finn. Stupid Anonymous. he thought, brain boiling at it all. But mostly stupid Grasshopper.

He thought back to what he had seen in the room Dr. Oblivion had shown him before his escape. Rows and rows of transparent capsules had run the length of the room, housing floating…teenagers. Teenagers that looked strangely familiar, but he couldn’t put his finger on why.

He came to the edge of the forest, looking out into the valley right in front of the mountain under the Caretaker’s tower. Brass Eagle prayed that that wasn’t where Grasshopper was. As stupid as he was, Eagle still loved him like a brother. The same as everyone on his team.

Brass Eagle shuddered at the thought. The Caretaker was…unbelievably vicious. Like a snake. No, a million times worse. And those eyes, those endless red holes that held you for eternity….

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