Paula S.K.Fan

Standing over Steve looking at him sleep. Listen to him snore. Did he really think he covered all his tracks? I’ll teach him. She fluffed her pillow then thrust it over his face. The kicking and struggling stopped after a few minutes. Steve grunted and rolled over. Paula lay awake thinking of one hundred and one ways to take care of him. Not one was to her liking. He deserved a special sent off. One that let him know just the kind of torture she had been through for the last three months. The next day she hurried to get her work done. She rushed to the basement and started going through his files.She knew he had another bank account and she need to find it. After thirteen years she deserved every bit of that money. What’s this? Paula sat back in the chair. This is an insurance policy. On me! Dated two months ago. Planning to get rid of me is he? Oh no you don’t mister that’s my ideal. I really have to find that account now. She went back to digging. His computer. What would that scumb bag use for a pass word?

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