The Sky People

“Whose last hope? Aktorius! I need to know,” I wailed. Aktorius wouldn’t answer me. I grew very worried when we passed through a cloud, and I could no longer see. He set me down onto something deliciously soft. I heard a flutter of wings, and a few dozen voices.
“Aktorius?” I whispered. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Then, the voices began.
“How do we know she’s the one?” and “Why’s she so special?”, “I say we test her!”, and the occassional “When my father worked here, nothing like this ever happened!” Aktorius quieted them. “Lacey, well, I just know she’s the one we’re looking for! Isn’t it worth a shot?” he asked them meekly.
“Looking for? Why were you looking for me? Aren’t you my guardian angel, Aktorius?” I blindly tried to find his face. The crowd errupted with laughter. Somehow, without even seeing them, I knew that Aktorius’ cheeks had turned red. “No, Lacey. I lied. I’m not an angel. I was looking for our ruler. She disappeared long ago. She was the only flightless ruler of the sky people.”

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