It was Sunday afternoon and Dani was sitting in her room crying. How could she have been so stupid? Logan was perfect and she screwed it all up. She picked up her cell and called Steph, but it went straight to her answering machine. It was times like these that Dani had always appreciated having two Besties. Dani walked into the bathroom and washed her tear drenched face, attempting to wash off the dark clouds that seemed to hang over her. She couldn’t stay in this house sulking any longer, so she decided to take a walk.

Dani walked over to the big oak tree and sat down, as hard as she tried to hold them back the tears began to rush down her face once again. At that moment Dani felt a hand on her shoulder, and she looked up to see Blair. Blair sat down next to her and Dani rested her head on Blair’s shoulder, bawling like a little baby.

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