Job Kinda Done

It was two days after my “fight” with Ty. I was determined to make things right. I decided to pay Teddy a visit.

I was nevous. Come on, it was just Teddy’s house. Okay deep breathe I thought. I walked up and rang the doorbell. I had to wait for like a minute but, then the door opened. “Linz?” It was Teddy.
“Ted. We have to talk.”
“Listen if it’s about the kiss.” I stopped him short.
“Teddy, it’s not just the kiss, it’s everything. The kiss, Ty, You, me, the tension between us.”I said, not very calmly.
“There’s no tension.” Teddy said.
“There so is! The kiss! That was tension!”I yelled at him. He stepped out of his house and closed the door.
“No it wasn’t.” He whispered. “I like you Linz. This isn’t a joke to me.” Oh God.
“Teddy, I don’t like you like that. I think it would be better if we were just friends. Like before you got drunk.”His face dropped.
“Do I even have a chance?”He asked.
“Maybe Teddy, if you play your cards right.”He smiled and so did I. Now to talk to Ty. Nervousness flooded me.

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