Inside the Citadel

He was certain that the massive doors were not there a minute before.

“Damn this place, I should not have come.” He said to himself and, perhaps, to the Citadel.

There was no question that he would rather have been anywhere else, but he had to come; he had no choice. So he stepped up the large steps leading to the great doors. There were no handles, no knocker, no visible way to get past.

“Damn this place” Rius said again.

There was a loud creak, like trees splitting down the middle. And then the old doors began to move. They opened outward, only just missing Rius. the wind picked up and rushed inside. It was like he was standing at the gates of hell, not wanting to admit he belonged.

But he had come this far, there was nothing else to it. Rius walked inside.

“Welcome to the citadel good sir, how may we be of service to you?” Said a voice to his right.

Rius turned and found himself uncomfortably close to a man; the owner of the voice.

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