Feylet Rhyme

Erynne traipsed through the forest for nearly two hours before she realized the simplicity of it. She moaned at her own stupidity and took out an apple from her trunk.
“αλλάξτε αυτό το μήλο στο χÏ?υσό,” she muttered at it. She stared impatiently as it slowly melted into gold putty, then reformed as a Golden Apple.
Now, for the Feylet rhyme…, thought Erynne. She strained to remember the lines her nanny had sung to her:
ΑÏ?χικά επιδιώξτε το YE το χÏ?υσό μήλο που χÏ?ησιμοποιείται για να καλέσει dapple μονοκέÏ?ων. Επόμενος βÏ?είτε φλάουτο και τη λαβή της σφαίÏ?ας το στο χέÏ?ι σας τα χÏ?υσά φÏ?οÏ?τα. Στο τέλος, το χτÏ?πημα στους παλιοÏ?ς σωλήνες και ο μονόκεÏ?ος θα έÏ?θουν στο μήλο ώÏ?ιμο.
Well, she had the Golden Apple. But what was the nonsense about Puck’s Pipes? Most likely, of course, it was in Puck’s Forest but…what exactly was it?
It seemed more traipsing was in her near future.

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