Not Your Typical Girl: Racing Hearts

Adam felt like his heart was pounding against his brain, he couldn’t think at all. Trying desperately to think of something to say he finally just settled for “Ummm what’s up?” Urghhh how lame could he be?
“Not much, just glad that its Friday.” Said Eva.
“Yeah this week seemed to take forever.” Lame again, why couldn’t he think of something better to say? Adam thought to himself.
“Yup.” Replied Eva.
Adam couldn’t think of anything else to say. And his heart was still racing. All the sudden he blurted out “Can I have your screen name?” before he could stop himself. Oh no why did I do that? He thought.
Eva stopped and considered him for a moment. Adam was pretty cute after all and she did like his ripped abs in his black muscle shirt. Plus he didn’t seem to think he was better than everyone else. He might actually be the type of guy she was looking for.
“Ok, its EvaS5683”.
“EvaSZ683?’ Adam asked. Eva noticed his hand trembling slightly.
“no EvaS5683” She corrected him, smiling playfully.

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