Eva picked up the phone, feeling a cold shiver of fear running down her spine. Why would her father be calling her now? It was almost midnight, and her father always joked about having an early bedtime.
“Hi sweetheart…”
His breathing sounded wheezy, almost forced.
“Is anything wrong?”
“No darling. Just…I need a favor.”
“Sure, Dad, anything. Are you sure nothings wrong?”
“No…no, i’m fine. Just can you go to the basement for me?”
“Sure…I guess. Ok, I’m in the basement.”
“Now walk to that old picture of your mother.”
“Take…take it off the wall.”
“Ok, fine…Dad, really, you don’t sound fine…”
His breathing had continued to get worse, and she was growing afraid. Why would her father need her to get that picture?
“No…no, it’s alright. Just…just take it off the wall. Ok, do you see the key behind it?”
“Yeah, Dad…look, whats wrong? Why is there a key behind Mom’s picture?”
“I…I don’t have time to explain. All you have to know is that this key belongs to a safe.”

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