Come What May, Pt. 1

Oliver’s eyes are bluer than anything I’ve ever seen, even bluer than the sky itself. After a moment, he laughs and stands me up properly. “See Pete, we’ll be best pals. I’m already her guardian angel. I just saved your girlfriend.” Peter laughs, and slaps Oliver on the back. Just then, the guys’ manager enters the room with Adam, and they all sit down to discuss tour business. Disinterested and distracted, I disappear off to the women’s bathroom.

I’m not clear on what happened with Oliver, and it makes me nervous. I also kind of liked it. Okay, maybe more than kind of liked it. I check out my jeans in the mirror, and then I sit on the rim of the sink. Plucking a cigarette from my leather catch, I light it and blow smoke rings into the air. I think of the way that he looked at me, and it sends a little chill down my spine.

I hear the bathroom door open, and I automatically assume that it’s another woman coming in to use the bathroom. To my complete shock, Oliver walks in.

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