Come What May, Pt. 3

The tour begins August 30, 1984, in Spain. The first show, however, isn’t until the next day, so Peter and I spend the afternoon doing one of our favorite pastimes- shopping. Peter finds a cadet blue silk shirt, and holds it up for me to see. “You know I’ve got to have it!’ he exclaims. It’s not something I would wear, but at least it isn’t garishly loud and flamboyant, as some of his clothes tend to be.

I turn back to the object of my attention: a black leather tube dress with chains hanging from the waist, which is on display in the shop across the street. Peter comes over to where I am, and snickers. “Of course, you want that. Go on over, I’ll meet up with you later. Besides, Ollie is over there now. You two may have to share that dress, as he might want it himself.”

I kiss Peter, and jog across the street. Upon entering the store, I can see the top of Oliver’s black newsboy cap. I tiptoe behind him, and put my hands over his eyes. “Guess who?” I whisper in his ear.

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