Come What May, Pt. 4

Oliver places his hands over mine, and pulls them away from his eyes. He turns to face me, and gives me a hug. “I was hoping you’d come over here with me.” I pull back, and point at the dress in the window. “I’ve got to try that on.” He holds up a pair of black leather pants. “I’m trying these on myself. Get someone to get that dress off of the mannequin.”

I attract a salesgirl, and she gets the dress for me. As Oliver and I head to the dressing rooms, I take a cigarette out of my purse. Before I can light it, Oliver snatches it from me. I begin to protest, but Oliver interrupts me. “Were you going to smoke that thing while you were trying on the dress?” I think for a moment. Wow, that wasn’t smart of me. “So, I could have just smoked it before I went in.” Oliver shakes his head. “Dreamy, you promised…” “I said I’d cut down!” I snap.

Oliver laughs. We reach the dressing rooms, and he enters a stall. However, he holds the door open. “I can’t trust that you won’t light up, so we’ll just have to share.”

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