Running Scared

The grid of the tunnel stretched before me. Blue, blue, and different shades of blue, subdivided by the triangles. I jogged, saving my energy – the grid went on before me, narrowing to infinity, and I didn’t know how much of a head start I had.

A quick glance back showed more tunnel. The door I entered through was a shiny dot receding to a point. The floor was, of course, blue.

If I was out of sight of the door, would they chase me? Did they have sensors down here to let them know where I was in the tunnel – what grid coordinatesI was passing, what particular piece of floor I was crossing? The floor didn’t seem to be concrete – it had the tiniest amount of give, supporting my feet as I ran, helping absorb the impact.

I peeked back again. The door was out of sight. Ahead, the tunnel. I didn’t have a watch. The light didn’t change. The tunnel walls passed slowly as I continued to run.

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