The Man in Black

The man in the corner was now sober and fumbling in his under sized chair, the smell of gun powder still emitting form the barrel of the black shotgun under his nose. The wielder spoke in a calm and raspy voice.

“I see your drinking problem has once agian betrayed you by bringing you out of hiding.”

A secound gun shot resounded in the bar and the man in black’s left arm now sported a small hole. The bartender behind the counter had retrived a gun and shot, but with his right arm lying on the floor, he missed.

In the time it took for the injured intruder to swing the heavy shotgun into the bartender’s skull, the large man in corner chucked the beer bottle at his head and dove at his knees, sending the man in black to the ground. Next, with agility not expected for his size, he dived over the counter, crushing a stand of expansive liquor.

By the time they were both standing, they each had a weapon. The man in black a shotgun, and the larger man the bartenders revolver, both aimed to kill.

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