Murderous Magicians

With a flourish, Wednesday Thomas appeared on the catwalk above “Dr. De Mort.”

She smiled and waved to the audience, but inside she was fuming. She gracefully descended the stairs and stood next to Burtininkas. “Dr. De Mort,” she said, “that was indeed a marvelous trick. Try mine now.” She motioned to a tile next to her.

Burtininkas smiled, playing along, and stepped into the indicated spot, looking above to check for any cement blocks. Wednesday smiled.

Suddenly, a giant wheel burst from the stage right below Burtininkas, mechanical arms grabbing him and forcing him down. He shouted. “You witch!”

“No Dr. De Mort, I’m a magician,” she said. The audience clapped and laughed. It was all part of the performance, right?

She drew three deadly-looking knives out of thin air. Butcher knives, Burtininkas thought bitterly. She hurled one at his face. It embedded itself right next to his ear.

She frowned and threw another one. This time, it not only missed, it headed back for her.

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