Ella sat up in a bed, gazing around at the unfamiliar room. Where am I? she wondered fearfully. Suddenly a loud buzzing, like a thousand angry bees,filled her ears. But as soon as it began it stopped. Of course, I’m at home, she thought. How silly not to recognize my own room.

She slipped out of bed, feeling the cold floor through her socks, and opened her door. She could smell the bacon frying and the light doughy smell of pancakes drifted up the steps, like every weekend morning.Downstairs, her mother was cooking breakfast while her father sat on the couch,, reading his paper, with a frown creasing his face. Her annoying little brotherstood in front of the television, testing out his new video game, complete with 3-D goggles. “Good morning, sweetheart,” sang her mother, from the kitchen.
“Good morning, Mum,” she replied.
“Do you have any plans for today, honey?”
“No…” Ella replied reluctantly. Ever since her best friend Alexa had left for the summer, her Mum had constantly tried to bond with her.

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