Under her lonely tree.

Under the lonely tree, she cried, allowing her beautiful makeup to run down her face in streaks of black, blue and purple. Thinking tonight was going to be the end she wrote on the lilac paper what she was doing and why. She was going to kill herself, by hanging. The lonely tree, HER lonely tree would be her savior, it would help her out of her life. At home she was beaten and burnt, the school teachers never believed a Preacher would hurt his daughter, it just wasn’t possible. The lonely tree had been her only friend, the only thing she could confide in, and so she thought it would only be fitting to allow the tree to kill her. Writing the words on the paper, telling the truth that needed to be out. Finishing the letter, she kissed it, folded it three times and put it in her zip pocket. She climbed her lonely tree to the strongest branch where she had tied the noose, kissed the tree and said goodbye. From the strongest branch, with her newfound necklace, she jumped, falling towards the ground. Dying happily.

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