Getting to the Door

I did not know what I had done, I thought that I hadn’t let anything slip, not given a single sign. I was running down the corridor, looking for a way out. First it had been so peaceful, but suddenly the peace had been shattered. Was there a way out? Could there possibly be? Did they know? All that mattered right now was to get out, then to get back. I heard them. They were close behind me. I knew that they weren’t in any hurry; they had forever. But I didn’t. I could only run for so long before I died, or before they killed me. I preferred the former, but would rather get back. Get back to who I used to be. Before I had been entrusted this horrible secret.
Ahead, I saw hope shining blue from a door at the end of the corridor. I knew that if I went in there, I might never get out. It might be infinite, and I was not. But I could hear them coming behind me. Slowly, they weren’t in a rush.
I wrenched open the door, and was blinded as I walked inside.

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