Fritz and Zooey: Musical Faux Pas

Mr.Williamson walked up directly to the speakers where the music magically poured out in a sweet and sultry addiction. He gently pawed at the speaker with a sad expression in his eyes as if he were desperate to find the voice that enchanted him so. He climbed on top and curiously looked around for some hint that he wasn’t imagining the atmospheric effects that held him entranced.

Fritz and Zooey watched curiously as Mr.Williamson rubbed his body against the speaker, leaving trails of orange fuzz on the sides. Even over the volume the stereo, they could hear his excited purring.

Fritz laughed, “Someone actually likes your Charlotte Gainsbourg cd besides you.” Zooey glared.

“The cat has better taste in music than you. And just so you know, Jarvis Cocker wrote the lyrics,” Zooey defended. Fritz stopped laughing, realizing his faux pas.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Mr.Williamson act like a normal kitty, or a semi-normal but culturally infuenced kitty,” Fritz said changing the subject.

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