Trouble- With Brooke and Mimi

Late on an evening, on a eery and warm night Brooke and Mimi were walking in the dark foggy woods. Althought it was warm to Mimi it seemed chilly and weird.

“Do you think we should be doing this?” asked a nervous Mimi.

“Why? Are you scared? Don’t be this is going to be FUN !” Brooke answered.

Mimi thought Brooke was fearless, brave and exhilarating, non of which Mimi was; she was cowardly, scared and shy.

Down a pebble road, around a bent tree Brooke and Mimi found themselves soaked.

‘Why did I let her talk me into this?! It isn’t going to work! We’re gonna get busted!’
thought Mimi.

“Come on lets get going, you scaredy cat!” shouted Brooke in the pouring, foggy rain.

When they arrived at the field, Brooke took out the matches and lit a piece of bark that wasn’t wet, laid it down and watched it burn a slightly damp barely wooded area.

“Come on, Mimi! We did it, let’s get going!”

Then they both ran home to their hot chocolate, and cookies. For now they are safe. For NOW .

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